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UX Portfolio

Calendar Usability

Extensive user test and analysis of calendar usability in relation to hotel booking. As per usual rest is confidential. Calendar usability is a huge part in getting visitors to the correct search result. You wouldn’t believe how much your conversion shrinks if you have a UX here that sucks.

New Iteration of Super Mockup

A massive mock up (70+ screens) that shows up and coming UX flows and how they click together. We are using automatically synced sketch files in invision to make this happen. Huge time saver. Still a lot of work to get this mock up actually ready for user testing.

Apple Watch Ideation and Mockup Creation

I am currently working on Apple Watch concepts and mockups. Soon they will be going through user testing (which will be a challenge). I can’t yet show any of my ideas. Confidential.

Important dynamics at play: 

My view on Apple Watch is that it’s worth starting to create functions for it now. Same for Android wear. The inevitability of the watch becoming a more central element for mobile in my view is a given. All of the first generation problems we currently experience with watches (slow, battery) are going to be eliminated soon enough. Once that happens Apple Watch and Android Wear will become a lot more important.

Super Mockup

I am currently working for a client on a mockup that includes all other existing mockups in the company that are currently up for development or testing. This has been fairly challenging and pushes the methods used to their limit. The outcome will be self-explanatory feature showcase. Pretty amazing and massive timesaver in big companies.

Google Now Concepts

I have created about 15 different approaches for my client to incorporate their data in Google Now. After the presentation of all the concepts we discussed how feasible they actually were (do we have the data, etc). The ones left are going into user testing.

Important dynamics at play:

Google Now, Cortana and Siri will be the OSes of the future. It’s still a little while until voice recognition is fully there but especially in combination with the watch, this is inevitable. You want your data accessible via voice and you want it pushed at the right times. Getting your app (or data) in Google Now is super important. It’s literally SUPER important.

New Search Concepts

For two of my clients I have been working on search concepts. One of them was for a London-based AI company. It was somewhat of a moonshot project that was trying to actually attack Google. The goal was to create ideas for a search engine that had no restrictions on money or computing power. Very interesting and somewhat revolutionary.

The work for the other client was to figure out ways to see if the UX of the site search can be improved. Which is an extremely hard problem to solve. After lots of user testing I recommended a very conservative approach.

Important dynamics at play: 

My view on search is that Google’s interpretation of the UX of a search function is extremely hard to beat. I tested most of my client’s ideas and more of my own and the more conservative approaches always came out on top.

Conceptual Work on trivago App Redesign

Trivago MYen 15 App

I was part of the core team working on the overhauled trivago Android and iOS apps. We were invited by Google to present the app as one of the first meaningful and financially successful implementations of material design at Google London Material Design Workshop.

My part of the job was:

Available on all devices



Develop State-of-the-Art Sharing Module

Screenshots: Confidential, not yet released…

Project Details

Create a sharing module for trivago that is state-of-the-art and has UX that naturally supports the existing user flow.

Overhaul Short Listing UX

Screenshots: Confidential, not yet released…

Project Details
Create MVP of a new short listing function for trivago and run through user testing. Document findings and recommend course of action.