Valentin Yeo - UX Consultant

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UX Ideation
Envision the next generation of features for your website to make sure you stay cutting-edge. I have a unique view and method of coming up with features that shape the future of how people use the web. I have worked the last 16 years with clients that run large-scale websites and I am happy to teach you how you can too or simply deliver ready-to-go concepts for implementation.

UX and Product Vision (Lean)
I have helped a lot of start-ups formulate a product vision that makes sense and has a chance of actually working and getting financed. I will help you understand what is possible in what time frame and how much money you will need to create the planned UX. My method encompasses lean startup, lean UX and value proposition design tools as well as my own principles.

Feature Concept Creation
Hire me to create concepts that are ready to go for implementation. You’ll get clickable mock ups/prototypes that are pre-user tested and can be given to programmers for implementation, including the desired level of documentation.

Mockup Creation
I spend a lot of time working in Balsamiq Mockups. I prefer this tool over other UX tools for its simplicity, speed and design philosophy. I build a lot of mockups based on screenshots to save time and ensure quick turnaround. I do not design in Photoshop. I find this not to be necessary for quick experimentation of new UX ideas. Once an experiment is successful, I can work with designers to create a UX proof design.

I use InVision to create fully clickable dummies to simulate new features in user testing as close to reality as possible. I am also happy to help you create css dummies or even programmed prototypes.

User testing and user testing analysis
I will concept and run tests for you and then analyse the results to recommend a course of action or prepare new UX ideas. I have at this point seen 1000s of user videos (I used to run my own remote user testing company). This allows me to see connections and problems in user testing that inexperienced analysts can’t see. I only do real life testing if desired. Remote user testing is quicker, cheaper and gets relatively similar results.

I work mostly remote (I need to be in the zone a lot) but can come to the office for kickoff and key meetings or longer periods if needed.

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