Valentin Yeo - UX Consultant


Work experience

trivago GmbHFeb 2009 — Present

UX Architect, CRO Expert, Product Developer, SEO

  • Heavily influenced major parts of trivago platform
  • Developed countless CRO a/b tests with high improvement rates
  • Worked on complete SEO internal page rank restructuring
  • Developed first app concept for Android and iOS (top 10 app in Germany upon launch in 2010)
  • Shifted more towards ideation and cutting-edge feature development (trivago is redefining hotel-related travel website UX along with a few others like
  • Currently developing next-level features that are not meant to come out for 6 to 12 months.
  • Creation of new search concept (next-level travel search)
  • Creation of new content concept (undercover)
  • Reworked app concept in 2014 and beginning of 2015
    (110% CR improvement – gave talk at Google as one of the first successful material design apps)
  • Involvement in advertising strategy of company (co-directed TV spot for German market)
  • Currently working on reintroducing and creating the concepts for page types we previously omitted as well as new ones (major shift in trivago strategy)

Self-Employed ConsultantOct 2006 — Present

UX Architect, Product Developer, CRO Expert, SEOStarted work as a UX / CRO consultant. Noteworthy gigs:

  • Project with ex-Expedia CEO Lawrence Nell (2006)
  • Project with ex-Arsmovendi CEO Michael Reuter (2006)
  • (Wikipedia Rival) with Dr. Otto Stricker (CEO lotty AG) (2006-2009)
  • Undercover project with ex-CHRO of BP (2014)
  • Undercover project with Phil McCaulay (Serial Enterpreneur, Politician, Activist) (2014)
  • Currently consulting for 2 pre-funding start-ups in the maker movement

Real User Test LLPFeb 2010 — Sep 2013

Co-Founder, UX ArchitectCo-founder of Real User Test, a B2B usability testing service in the German-language market. Partnership with Chris Scollo, CTO.

AutodataJan 2013 — July 2013

UX / Product Development / SEO Consultant

  • Helped to create general product strategy
  • Helped to create general SEO strategy
  • Coached CPO
  • Coached product developer
  • Created mockups and concepts

Cosanits GmbHFeb 2007 — Dec 2012

Product Manager, UX Architect, SEO

  • Co-founded with CEO Fred Paul and 2 other parties
  • Yellow pages website
  • Highly profitable advertising revenue model
  • Highly SEO-optimized

Directshopper GmbHJan 2003 — Oct 2006

Co-Founder, Product Manager, UX Architect, SEO

  • Self-funded
  • Top 10 consumer electronics online shop in Germany
  • 2 million revenue first year
  • 7 million revenue second year
  • Highly UX/SEO-optimized AGOct 1999 — Dec 2002

Co-Founder, Product Manager, UX Architect, SEO

  • Created original idea (consumer reviews)
  • Led team to develop platform
  • Started VC negotiations with Wellington Partners (Dr. Ingo Krocke)
  • Conception and planning of most of the platform
  • Became UX/SEO expert
  • received over 50 million EUR VC funding
  • From 6 to 120 employees within 1.5 years
  • Led product development team (at age of 20)
  • Sold to Microsoft in 2008 ($468 million)


  • Serial entrepreneur (16 years)
  • Expert level of UX architect (16 years)
  • Expert level concept creation (16 years)
  • Expert level mockup creation (Balsamiq, InVision, etc) (16 years)
  • Expert level product developer (16 years)
  • Expert level a/b test creation knowledge (10 years)
  • High level SEO knowledge (especially internal SEO) (16 years)
  • Coaching individuals (9 years)
    • Tech Entrepreneurs (expert level i.e. general online business strategy)
    • Start-up phase CEO (high level)
    • Start-up phase – mid sized phase CPO (expert level)
    • UX Designers (expert level)
    • UX Architects (expert level)
    • CRO analytics experts (high level)
    • CRO a/b test creation (expert level)
    • SEO experts (high level)
  • Medium level team leadership (I have focused more on my consulting work recently)
  • Medium level SEM
  • Medium level Design (aside from UX aspects)
  • Medium level Marketing

I am quite well-connected and have good contacts when it comes to UX, SEO, SEM, Design.


Sorted by most newest/most influential

  • trivago Main Website
    Countless split tests for the main user experience of trivago. We run over 100 tests per week. I am currently working on the most integral parts of the website such as the filters, and the hotel element. Over the last 5 years I’ve worked on and touched pretty much all elements.


  • Music composing
  • Travel
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Roger Gracie)
  • Creating films (my newest passion)